Introducing the O-Pro

Created to extend the life of an Optimist
to keep children in sailing and having fun. 

The O-Pro is created by adding a bow extension to an original optimist, which simply attaches with one fastening through the tow rope hole.


The bow extension is a watertight compartment, extending the Optimist out by 450mm. The bow piece has a total weight of 3kg and takes approximately two minutes to install.


Alongside the bow extension, the O-Pro also has a carbon tip extension that plugs into the existing aluminium bottom section of the Optimist mast. As well as a new conventional sail that is 1.2 sqm bigger than the optimist sail. 

The O-Pro 

O-Pro Optimist yacht extension
Benefits of the O-Pro
  • It extends the life of an Optimist.

  • Allows two young children to sail together.

  • It is a cost effective solution.

  • Learner boat for older/heavier children.

  • It fills a gap where we’re potentially missing a class.

  • Significantly improved performance.

  • Added buoyancy in the bow increases displacement creating an ideal two handed boat, also less water in a capsize.

  • Significantly less water ingression due to bow and splash boards.

  • The O-Pro allows older children to stay sailing in an Optimist, with a higher crew weight of 60kg+ and still remain competitive.

  • The O-Pro rig features a triangular conventional sail with Cunningham, Out-haul and Vang controls allowing the more experienced sailors to learn sail trim and rig tuning functions.


Who is the o-Pro For?


Children learning to sail together (double handed sailing)


Older, heavier children who are wanting to learn to sail
(45kg - 65kg+)


Older children who are experienced sailors in the Optimist as the
O-Pro is the natural progression.